Untooling | Ines Kleesattel, knowbotiq (Christian Hübler, Yvonne Wilhelm), Uriel Orlow (Hg.)

CHF 9.00

Untooling is a speculative and open-ended set of questions and reflections that emerged out of an engagement with the conditions and processes of translocal artistic research.

Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Gegenwartskunst Band 27

Kartenset bestehend aus 56 Karten, Beiblatt und Faltschachtel
Zürich, 2021



Working on projects in different contexts, sensitive environments and assemblies we tried to trace, activate and negotiate translocal entanglements, our own positionalities and some of the constellations and pitfalls we encountered. The resulting set of questions has no particular order and does not propose any solutions. Instead the questions advocate slowing down, taking time, and allowing situations to become more complex, in turn encouraging us to become more responsive and responsible as researchers, artists, and fellow beings.

Publiziert als Teil des Forschungsprojekts Ästhetik des Translokalen unterstützt vom SNF.

ZHdK: Institute of Contemporary Art Research

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