Texturing Space. Towards an Exponential Cartography | Amélie Brisson-Darveau, Christoph Brunner (eds.)

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Texture weaves and relates. It moves through things, holding them together, providing contours, shaping forms. This publication is an experimental and collaborative exploration of texture from an artistic, design and conceptual angle. Based on a year-long research process between Zürich and Hong Kong the book seeks to give an account of processes of texturing as practice and material effect in urban environments.

242 pages, adocs, 2021
ISBN 978-3-943253-32-0

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Texture, we claim, is not a mere surface structure of built configurations but hints at the dynamic and processual nature of urban ecologies as expanded cartographies. As part of a research-creation seminar at Zurich University of the Arts a modular and mobile lab for engaging with urban textures was designed and used at different sites. These explorations are reflected upon from different perspectives such as philosophy, design, sociology, sound, media studies, and literature. Each of these encounters becomes a texturing of its own kind. The publication addresses researchers, artists and designers interested in artistic and design research practices and methods from a transdisciplinary and process-oriented point of view. With contributions by Amelie Brisson-Darveau, Christoph Brunner, Nicole De Brabandere, Sher Doruff, Rosamund Ender, Marius Förster, Karmen Franinovic, Diego Gil, Roman Kirschner, Nuria Krämer, Yanki Lee, Mariana Marcassa, Patrick Müller, Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, Toni Pape, Peter Tränkle, and Jana Vanecek.

ZHdK: Master Program in Transdisciplinary Studies and Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR)